Database Continuous Integration - Chapter 3 - What is Continuous Integration?

By: Alex Podlesny

In this chapter: a general definition of Continuous Integration term.  

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Continuous Integration - What is it? How can we get there? Can we buy it off the shelf? 

Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of making sure that changes are integrated continuously into your product so that many issues, integration problems, and impact can be discovered and avoided earlier in the SDLC process. 

Here are main principles of continuous integration process: 

  • Maintain source code repository; 
  • Commit changes often, never longer than a day;  
  • Every commits to the master branch should be built; 
  • Employ Build Automation; 
  • Make sure that artifacts are available as installation packages;
  • Automated Unit Testing; 
  • Build process should be fast; 
  • Keep the set of pre-production environments. Configure automated deployments to them;
  • Make Build Results Available; 
  • Tune the process to the point of continuous deployment to production.

If you choose a single tool, you may find over time that some of the steps are hard to achieve, or that they become an impediment to your business, slowing it down, impacting cost. If it is where you are: look for other tools or use multiple tools or different solutions. Be open. 

To get continuous integration right, you need to persist and be a leader! You will have a long path to team building and nurturing a CI culture. You will spend much time selling the idea to your peers, superiors, and the team. Know, that not every team member adopts  a plan. Take it one step at time. 

Getting CI working for your company can be a fun quest, it should not be bloody conquest. Don’t get upset, give everybody their time, persist, and become an example of excellence.

CI sound cool, but it might not be good for your project - to use it or not - is a decision that you need to make.  

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Sunday, January 4, 2015 4:19:00 PM
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