DB Test Driven Tool Kit - is the set of command line tools used to close the gap between different environments and to simplify continues integration process for the DBTD Framework. 


  • TestRunner - command line tool that run specified (or available in the database) Unit Test(s).  This is our primary runner for a build server.
  • SetParameters – command line tool that takes the input file, and replaces all parameters in the input file with their values supplied in the parameter file.  The result then saved in to the output file. 
  • NZWSQL –command line tool used to execute Netezza queries and scripts. Tool was created because we could not find native SQL runner that will work on Window platforms, at a time. This is simplified version of the NZSQL tool provided by Netezza for Unix based platforms.
  • NZWLOAD – command line tool used to load data from files to Netezza database tables. Tool was created because we could not find native loader that will work on Window platforms;
  • .NET Framework 4
  • Netezza - Redistributive ODBC and OLE drivers
  • Oracle Client with ODAC