Assert verifies that specified column does not have a NULL in any records. Will fail if NULL value could has been found.


  • v_TableName – name of the table, Variable Character(255) in Oracle and Netezza, SYSNAME in SQL Server
  • v_ColumnName - column that will be checked for a value, Variable Character(255) in Oracle and Netezza, SYSNAME in SQL Server
  • v_UserMessage – message to report when assertion fails, Variable Character(255) in Oracle and Netezza, NVARCHAR(MAX) in SQL Server



SQL Server 

      EXEC DBTD_ASSERT_COLUMN_HAS_NO_NULLS ‘ArchivedOrders’, ‘OrderID’, ‘order id cannot be null’;


      DBTD_ASSERT_COLUMN_HAS_NO_NULLS (‘ComponentParts’, ‘CreateDate’, ‘create date should be populated’);


      CALL DBTD_ASSERT_COLUMN_HAS_NO_NULLS (‘Car’, ‘VIN’, ‘VIN cannot be null’);


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