Checks that actual value is true and report failure if actual value is not.


In version 3 of the framework the TRUE value is different across database servers and appliances:

  • SQL Server – data type  BIT, value 1 or 0 are accepted. 1 is TRUE, 0 is FALSE;
  • Netezza – data type BOOLEAN, values are TRUE or FALSE;
  • Oracle – data type CHAR, values are ‘Y’ or ‘N’ are accepted. Y is TRUE, N is FALSE.


  • V_ActualValue - actual value.
  • v_UserMessage – message to report when assertion fails, Variable Character (255) in Oracle and Netezza, NVARCHAR(MAX) in SQL Server.



SQL Server

      EXEC DBTD_ASSERT_IS_TRUE 1, ‘Value should be 1 - true’;


      DBTD_ASSERT_IS_TRUE (‘Y’, ‘Value should be Y - true’);


      CALL DBTD_ASSERT_IS_TRUE( TRUE, ‘Value should be true’);


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