Assert verifies that trigger exists. Fail when trigger with a given name has not been found in the database.

- Supported in Oracle and SQL Server framework versions.
- Netezza does not support triggers officially, however appliance does have _v_trigger system view that might allow users in the future to use this functionality (at list for system objects)


  • v_TriggerName – trigger name, Variable Character(255) in Oracle and Netezza, SYSNAME in SQL Server
  • v_UserMessage – message to report when assertion fails, Variable Character(255) in Oracle and Netezza, NVARCHAR(MAX) in SQL Server




CALL DBTD_ASSERT_TRIGGER_EXISTS ('tr_bfr_ins_prod_tbl', 'cannot find trigger');


DBTD_ASSERT_TRIGGER_EXISTS ('tr_bfr_ins_prod_tbl', 'cannot find trigger');

SQL Server 

EXEC DBTD_ASSERT_TRIGGER_EXISTS 'tr_bfr_ins_prod_tbl', 'cannot find trigger';

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