Stored procedure is parsing four part object name and used by asserts to support inter database functionality. Id schema name is not provided procedure will use DBO schema by default.


  • this is internal DBTD Framework procedure;
  • we might change business logic and signature in future framework releases, for that reason do not use it in your tests;
  • supported in SQL Server version of the framework starting

some of the four part object name examples 

Four part object name Server Database Schema Object Corrected Name
server.database.schema.object server database schema object [server].[database].[schema].[object]
server..schema.object server   schema object [server]..[schema].[object]
server.database..object server database dbo object [server].[database].[dbo].[object]
server...object server   dbo object [server]..[dbo].[object]
database.schema.object   database schema object [database].[schema].[object]
..object     dbo object [dbo].[object]
object     dbo object [dbo].[object]


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