Table stores information about STUBs, MOCKs and other pretend or faked object used for testing.

NOTE: This table stores important metadata information about created objects, if you not sure about data deletion then double check that all mocks has been restored. To restore a mock to its original code run the DBTD_RESTORE_ORIGINAL_PROC procedure. 

Column Name Data Type Description
PretendID INT ID of a pretend object
ObjectID INT Database object id used to identify pretend object
PretendObjectType VARCHAR(50) The type of the pretend object MOCK or STUB
Name SYSNAME Name of the pretend object Stub or Mock StoredProcedure
OriginalName SYSNAME Name of the original procedure that were used to create pretend object. In cases when pretend object is the mock the original procedure will be renamed with unique name and new names preserved in this column
CreatedTime DATETIME Timestamp when object has been created
LastUsedTime DATETIME Last Time object were used 
ParamLogTableName NVARCHAR(256) Name of the parameter log table
ParamLogTableSignature NVARCHAR(MAX) SQL that creates parameter log table
ParamLogTableColumns NVARCHAR(MAX) List of parameter log table columns without IDENTITY LogID column (coma separated)
ParamLogTableAllColumns NVARCHAR(MAX) list of ALL parameter log table columns (coma separated)
HasParameters BIT 1 if pretend object has parameters
ParamLogAssertTempTable NVARCHAR(MAX) SQL that created the temp table needed for assert logic
ParamLogAssertGetData NVARCHAR(MAX) SQL that pulls actual assert data


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