The DBTD_TBL_SERVER_ACCESS table contains framework access privileges for a database servers.

By default this table has no records, which means that framework functionality access is open on the server it is installed. If table have at list one record then test runners will verify if a server do have rights to run unit tests. Only ALLOWED servers will be able to use test runners, on all other servers framework test runners will not run.

 - this measure does not prevent from manually executing stored procedures

Column Name Data Type Description
ServerName VARCHAR(128)

Server name. This field can use wild characters, for example:

  • DEV% - all servers which have name starting with the substring 'DEV'
  • DEV_%_BCP - all servers whose name starting with the substring 'DEV' and ending with '_BCP'
  • PROD002 - server PROD002
Access VARCHAR(50)

Server Access:

ALLOWED - Access Allowed. 
DENIED - Access denied 

Note: Any other value besides ALLOWED will be treated as access denied.  




      (ServerName, Access)
      SELECT 'DEV00%', 'ALLOWED' UNION ALL --development boxes
      SELECT 'TC%', 'ALLOWED' UNION ALL --team city build servers
      SELECT 'ZEUS002', 'DENIED' --DENY on prod