Takes the input file, replaces all parameters in the input file with their values supplied in the parameter file, then saves the result in to the output file.


setparameters.exe [-i "input_file_name" -o "output_file_name" -m "XML_parameter_file"]


-i:     Specifies input file
-o:    Specifies output file. File will be created based on input file with all parameters replaced with their values
-m:   Specifies XML file with parameter
-help:  Prints the help screen.

Parameters File Format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <name>parameter name</name>   
        <value>parameter replacement value</value>

Parameter Name - can be any string that will be replaced with the specified value.
Parameter Replacement Value – any string.


  • If output file already exist in the destination directory, it will be backed up before new file will be created. Back up file will have unique file extension.
  • Input and output files can be in any format.
  • Parameters file should have only unique parameters.
  • When specified file(s) or path to those files includes space in the names, the name should be wrapped in double quotation marks.